“Conversations with Farmers” and “Elements of Sustainable Agriculture” Films

In a turn-of-milennium collaboration with Northeast SARE, MESAS produced a two videos in 2004 about the experiences of sustainable agricultural producers in Maine. We celebrate their message and legacy of sustainable farms in Maine today and beyond with the digital release cut into four half-hour sections! Please share widely!


In “Elements of Sustainable Agriculture”, we interviewed 30 Maine farmers on their practices and philosophies regarding sustainable agriculture systems. The resulting 100+ minute DVD is an extraordinary collection of knowledge and advice, distilled into segments on starting up, transitioning, financing, risk, marketing, and cropping, livestock, and large-scale practices. A one-hour edit titled “Conversations with Farmers”, aired on PBS in 2003.


Watching these films is like walking the fields with a group of old friends. Most of these farms are still in operation. And while a few of the farmers interviewed have since passed on, their legacies are very much alive and at work today. In the films we hear their own record about successes and challenges and why sustainable practices are so important.


The screenshots below link to videos on ME SAS Youtube Channel: