Welcome to the Sustainable Year Round Agriculture (SYRA)  Employment and Internship Hub for Maine students and professionals seeking careers and training in agriculture, engineering, technology and related fields.

Year Round Farm Employment Opportunities

No position announcements at this time check back soon…….

Research Assistant and Internship Opportunities

No position announcements at this time check back soon…….

What is the SYRA Employment and Internship Hub…..?

The SYRA Employment and Internship Hub is a job board for Maine students and professionals interested in the fields of engineering, agriculture, horticulture, new media, and cleantech. Work and training opportunities directly support new employment opportunities that encourage collaboration across disciplines in support of Maine’s target job growth sectors.

The work opportunities are a critical link between Maine farmers, university research and local economic priorities. Work opportunities address the following goals:

  1. Increased greenhouse and season extension food production practices on Maine farms
  2. Increased energy and heating efficiency and lowering the cost of production for Maine agriculture and aquaculture producers
  3. New employment opportunities for Mainer’s across agriculture and aquaculture through the application of tools that address economic and environmental sustainability, and cleantech in support of Maine’s agricultural economy

Are you a local entrepreneur, farmer, business owner?

  • Propose a challenge
  • Find a student assistant
  • Partner or assist with a current challenge

Are you a Maine college or university student?

  • Learn about intern opportunities
  • Use your skills and research to meet local sustainability challenges
  • Discover local entrepreneurial opportunities or future work options

Are you an organization, research group, community, or other agency that wants to support local resilience and sustainability?

  • Support student interns
  • Offer your expertise or resources
  • Propose partnerships or networks that can build community and support resilience for SYRA

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