MESAS Education Program – 2015 Maine Agriculture Trades Show

The Maine Sustainable Agriculture Society (MESAS) held its Annual Meeting and Workshop program at the 75th Annual Ag Trade Show in Augusta on January 13, 2015. Minutes from the meeting 2015 Annual Meeting Minutes can be viewed by clicking on this link. The meetings were well attended and featured presentations on our Sustainable Year Round Agriculture project, as well as a special presentation by Gary Keough, State Statistician for the National Agriculture Statistics Service New England Field Office.

Scaling Agriculture Panel at Ag Trade Show

Scaling Agriculture Panel at Ag Trade Show

The Workshop focused on Scaling Agriculture Operations.  Moderators were Justin Jamison, Board Member for MESAS and Dave Colson from MOFGA.  Panelists included Jason Kafka, Checkerberry Farm, Dan Cousins, Pietree Orchard, and Nate Drummond, Six River Farm.


Presentations at the Annual Meeting and Workshop included:

MESAS Annual Meeting YRA Presentation TK
Scaling Workshop YRA Presentation TK
Board of Agriculture Presentation MESAS Annual Meeting
2015 Maine Sustainable Ag presentation GK