Summer Farm Tours

We will be resuming our twilight tours in the near future.

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SpearFarmTour2Past Farm Tours

You can read more about our past farm tours in our Newsletter Archives and in the summaries below.

Northern Exposure Farm, Dedham, Maine (2013)
Managing Herd Health on a Sheep Dairy Farm
Jim and Janet Weber run Northern Exposure Farm, a sheep dairy in Dedham, Maine. The farm has been licensed to produce milk since 2010, with most of their product being sold to Maine cheese makers. They also sell East Friesian breeding stock.  Their operation has concentrated on improving milking genetics, and on effective management of production-limiting diseases. Jim is a large animal veterinarian, and discussed the farm’s approach to biosecurity, disease management, and identifying healthy foundation stock. The group also also toured the milking facility.

King Hill Farm, Penobscot, Maine (2013)
Closing the Loops on an Integrated Livestock-Veggie Farm
King Hill Farm is a diversified MOFGA-certified Organic farm in Penobscot, ME. They focus on sustainability by integrating livestock with vegetables and striving for closed loop systems. They market summer veggies, winter root crops, beef, pork, chicken and turkey both direct to customers through CSA and farmers market and wholesale to health food stores, restaurants, etc.

FarmTour-1Maple Lane Farm, Charleston (2011)
Maple Lane Farms is a diversified farm with dairy, hay, natural meats, and a meat processing operation. We focused on the meat processing and slaughtering operation and the market for local meats in Maine.

Maine Organic Milling, Auburn, Maine (2010)

Maine Organic Milling is a new venture for a small group of organic dairy farmers interested in providing a means of sourcing, milling and mixing their own grain mixes.  Born out of the challenge of finding reasonably priced quality grains for their livestock, this group of farmers decided to try and lease/purchase the old Blue Seal/New England Feeds organic grain facility in Auburn. With assistance from Organic Valley Cooperative (OV), these farmers have been able to obtain financing and begin operations in the mill.  May 2010 was the first month they shipped grain from this facility.  Future plans may include trying to serve the needs of other livestock producers with organic grains and perhaps even starting their own bagged grain for homeowners with small livestock.

QuonsetHut1Organic Wild Blueberries, Amherst, Maine (2010)
An organic wild blueberry tour and meeting coordinated by the University of Maine. Researchers from the Systems Approach and SARE research projects discussed fertilizer and weed suppression projects on the site and the new Systems Approach Study and other organic growers were present to discuss the challenges of growing wild blueberries organically.

Spear Farm, Nobleboro, Maine (2010)
Spear Farm is a diversified farm raising dairy animals and mixed vegetables.  The focus of this twilight tour was the recently completed GAP-certified, vegetable processing building.  With the movement towards greater food safety, GAP standards are affecting more and more farmers in Maine. Also present were Lauchlin and Linda Titus from AgMatters, the local source for learning about GAP standards and certification. In addition to the processing building, Spear Farm consists of 140 acres of corn silage, 300 acres of hay, 180 acres of mixed vegetables and 15 hoop houses.