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Nancy and Bruce Stedman of Little River Flower Farm in Buxton, ME discuss their permeable radiant heated greenhouse floor and integrated solar roof. (2017)


ME SAS’ 2018 Twilight Farm Tours brought engineers, farmers, southern Maine food distributors, Cooperative Extension and college classrooms to four year round vegetable farms that participated in our research and demonstration program. (Photo courtesy: Melissa Winne 2018)

Prototype, low cost sensor arrays help track soil and climate conditions such as DLI, relative humidity, air temp, and soil temp a varying depths – tracking soil temps is critical for radiant heat. (Photo credit: Eliza Bennet)

Higher tech systems tend to help automate utilities such as ventilation, fertility but remain too expensive for most businesses. (Photo: Eliza Bennet)

Radiant root zone heat is good for certain cropping systems. When combined with additional layer of row cover (manual) or heat curtains (automated) heat can be directed to where it is most effective to plants.

A Trombe-styled south wall can be an effective passive solar heat trap and reduce carbon fuel source heating significantly. This image shows a hybrid passive heating/active PV electric solar collector.

Pellet fuel boilers were installed at a demonstration farm with mixed success.

2 Kedel 140,000 Btu boilers were great but servicing and maintenance on the units was not difficult for HVAC professionals, as parts are not accessible and currently too expensive to ship.

These protoype ridge vents cool a house in summer and provide a temperature boost from in winter using only small fans and ground heat.

Exhaust pipes for passive ground heat ducts.

ME SAS Developed a budget and accounting tool for planning and recordkeeping. The tool integrates carbon fuel accounting into your infrastructure performance tracking.


Sustainability analysis tools and framework for businesses: Economic/Environmental
SYRA Final Report (2020); new research and data from field demonstrations

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Four demonstration greenhouses developed for testing novel approaches to heating and production

Buxton, Maine. 144 x 45 ft, PV Integrated, Insulated Year Round, Soil-based production in raised beds. Features: hydronic radiant root zone heating, PCM heat storage, roof integrated solar-electric collectors.

Waldoboro, Maine. 55 x 50 ft, Solar Electric + Heater w/ Indoor Ridge/Purlin Duct Venting. Features: Insulated north wall, Powerwise Remote Monitoring System

Brunswick, Maine. Rooftop Hydroponic and aquaponic, multiuse downtown facility. Features: Storefront and test kitchen, basement aquaponics tanks and pumping system, tomato/hot house room.

New Gloucester, Maine. Sensor and supplemental lighting test site for vegetable production. Features: LED supplemental lamps for basil, lettuce, and chard, tomato, environmental sensor arrays system.

2018 Greenhouse Producer Survey

We collaborated with the Mid Maine Greenhouse Growers Association to survey over 30 greenhouse producers around the state. Results of the survey are linked here.We plan to conduct a new round of surveys to increase participation from more producers in Winter 2021.

                                                                                                         (Screenshot of ME SAS Greenhouse Producer Survey showing varieties of greenhouse heating and insulation systems currently in use on commercial farms)

Maine Agriculture Apps; Low Cost Bio-sensor/AI Development Pilot Program in Colloaboration with the University of Maine

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ME SAS Twilight Farm Tours and Public Demonstrations (Images)

MESAS hosts occasional tours of commercial farms demonstrating year round production infrastructure. Images below feature system during construction and trial phases of the project.




This short video summarizes the project and its background as an applied research program on working Maine farms. (Produced by Galen Koch, 2017.)










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2020 MESAS SUMMER NEWSLETTER: Some real gems in this one folks. "Vintage ME SAS" Digital Video Release and new educational programs from the Maine Greenhouse Project - Summer News From the Maine Sustainable Agriculture Society -...

Sustainable Year Round Agriculture Project Final Report

The Maine Sustainable Agriculture Society (MESAS) recently finalized a report on a selection of infrastructure options for year round covered agriculture in Maine.  The report is the culmination of a research, design and demonstration initiative that began in 2014,  ...

2020 Maine Agriculture Trades Show

Greetings from MESAS, and happy 2020!   We are excited about our trade show program and annual meeting next week on Tues Jan. 14 from 1-5 in the Somerset Room, and hope you will join us. If healthy profit margins are the key to keeping good Farmers in business...


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